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Rajesh Khwakhali


Rajesh brings in-depth knowledge of technology, having worked in the service industry for more than 20+ years, his expertise in network security, system redundancy, and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoTs) helps solve today’s evolving business security, compliance, and efficiency needs.

Rajesh carries B.S. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Colorado, Denver, and has studied Applied Mathematics at the University of Washington-Seattle in Non-linear System Dynamics.

Rajesh has a keen interest in outdoor activities. In recent years, he was an active member of the United States Soccer Federation (USSF) as a Referee; officiating National, Regional, and State championships, including Academy games. Rajesh likes to read about Chaotic Systems, Human Behavioral Social Psychology, Quantum Systems, & Artificial Intelligence.

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Narayan Duwal


Narayan has a long tenure in technology, from government agencies, private banks, and educational institutes, to the healthcare sector. He has worked in retail management and healthcare database systems. His expertise in database system admin brings valuable knowledge to Delta V Logics & Solutions partners to successfully scale up growth. A two-time Cancer survivor, Narayan knows how to beat the Odds.

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Reena Duwal


Reena is an MBA graduate of Regis University, Colorado. She has been in hospitality business administration since 2007. She has managed & operated multiple successful hospitality ventures of different concepts; from Indian, and fine dining to Thai To-Go concepts. Her resume includes managing a chain of retail convenience stores as District manager to Accounting and Financial analyst for restaurants in a growing competitive gen-z landscape. Her expertise in business administration shows her academic background at Regis University. She is heavily family-oriented and tussles between two kids and her work schedule.

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Ashish Acharya


Ashish, a Master's of Computer Engineering graduate from Kathmandu University, Dhulikhel is a team player in DVLS.  He acquires good experience in Software Development and Algorithm Design. He has already worked on different Governmental projects in hospitality, health, and technological infrastructures. Ashish is also a cybersecurity enthusiast and his research domain are in penetration testing. His cyber security skill is proactively helping to secure the applications that are under

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Tony Mizell


Tony is a jack of all trades and master of some. He is very tech-savvy and a fountain of information. Having 12+ years in business consulting and development with the business perspective of New York City hustle mentality along with the relationship-building aspect of Colorado businesses. Utilizing extensive knowledge in multiple industries, he can relate to all aspects of the business. From being prior D.O.D. to working high-end luxury with Louis Vuitton and everything in between making him a great asset to DVLS. His expertise is turning good copy into video, building businesses' internal infrastructure, and discovering business bottlenecks so they can scale quicker and more efficiently.

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Alex Marron


Alex has been in sales since 2005. His experiences in workforce compliance, especially relating to OSHA regulations, tremendously helps businesses stay compliant according to government regulations and guidelines. His compliance expertise helps businesses reduce employee attrition & business insurance. His network unites talented professionals with successful Delta V Logics & Solutions business partners. He has written two books; he does not recommend the first one, but highly encourages you to read the second one… Pythia in the Basement. A Los Angeles native, Alex moved to Colorado where he currently resides with his daughter and pet rock. Alex is a die-hard Arsenal “Gooners", Dodgers, and Raiders fan. 

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Ashmita Guragain


Ashmita Guragain is an IT graduate from Tribhuvan University, Nepal with a specialization in interactive responsive website design and development processes. She poses over 3+ years of experience in website development for private hospitality and small business clients. Besides website design & development, she also has a foundational knowledge of mobile applications development structures & architectures. Her areas of focus are HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Flutter, Firebase, and PHP. She is also a certified MERN stack developer.

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Ishani Malla


Ishani gives visuals to ideas and strategies. She is responsible for creating aesthetically pleasing visual graphics & coordinating posts and ads in both print & digital media. Her conceptual visualization of marketing ideas to generate publishing materials for marketing and social media presence is compellingly productive. Ishani adds analytically oriented marketing strategies by critically monitoring customer engagements against business return indexes such as ROI and Financial KPIs per publications. She is a leader in the making and toggles between work-school life balance while attending her senior year at Pulchowk Engineering College, Nepal. Her current interest lies in embedded systems, IoTs, graphic design, and data science. Besides, she loves participating in demanding coding projects for Robotics & Automation.

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Image by Tamara Bellis
Adhiraj Lamichhane


Adhiraj Lamichhane is a Junior Java Developer with Delta V Logic & Solutions (DVLS). His passion for web development and experience in core Java programming brings a strong foundation to DVLS’s object-oriented programming, data structures, and algorithms project baselines. Additionally, his exposure to HTML, CSS, and JavaScript web technologies allows him to create dynamic and interactive web applications within the DVLS pipelines.

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Ustav Ashish Koju


Utsav Ashish Koju is a highly experienced Fullstack Software Developer with expertise in various programming languages and frameworks. With 7+ years of experience in Android application development, 7+ years of Java application and REST API development, and 10+ years of PHP programming, Utsav has a wealth of knowledge in software development. He also has a sound understanding of Relationship Databases, including Postgresql, MongoDB, Ms SQL server, and MySQL, with over 10 years of SQL programming experience. Utsav's expertise extends to various frameworks such as React, NextJS, SpringBoot, CodeIgniter, Laravel, PWA, DHIS2, FHIR, and Wordpress. Currently Worked and live in Canada.

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Jagdish Duwal


Jagdish is a web developer with 7 years of experience and a Bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering. His expertise includes PHP, JavaScript, JQuery, HTML, CSS, SQL, and Laravel for web development, as well as Android and desktop application development. He is a quick learner, a good performer, and a team player with excellent communication and interpersonal skills. His versatility and adaptability enable him to take on new challenges and technologies with ease

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Kreation Duwal


Kreation Duwal is a young and talented Software Developer from Nepal, who at just 15 years old has already established himself as a skilled programmer. He has a strong knowledge of programming languages such as flutter, Javascript, PHP, and Python, and has expertise in frameworks including Laravel, React, and NextJS. Kreation has built an impressive portfolio of personal projects and has also collaborated with the DeltaV team on various applications. His work can be found on his portfolio site,

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Mahesh Yakami.jpg


Mahesh is an experienced mobile application developer with strong skills in Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) and the Swift programming language. He has a proven track record of creating high-quality applications for iOS and Android platforms, with expertise in developing applications that provide an exceptional user experience. Mahesh's excellent communication and interpersonal skills make him a valuable asset to any team, facilitating collaboration and problem-solving. He is also proficient in software deployment, ensuring that his applications are properly deployed and functioning as expected.

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Damini Yadav


Damini Yadav  did her BTech in ECE (electronics and communication engineering) form United Institute Of Technology , Prayagraj . She has a strong knowledge of core and advanced java, C, HTML5.. 

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