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We are one of the leading agencies in the technical space of the service industry with our specialty being the hospitality, retail, and hotel industries. Pretty soon to come will be events, luxury, and fintech as well.


Here at DVLS, we understand how daunting it can be to have to worry about all of your backend processes such as Point of Sales Systems, Cloud Service, Social Media Management, Marketing, and Promoting your business. It can be a lot of work so we came up with a solution to that problem making DVLS a pivotal hub for your business to do all of that and take your stress away of having you worry too much about the technical aspect.

We specialize in implementing technologically innovative solutions for single & multi-location restaurant owners. We cater cutting-edge & industry-preferred software and hardware solutions to enhance guest experiences and streamline operations in sales, reservation, digital marketing, and menus within a single plan. Our personalized service and support will drive revenue, improve guest satisfaction, and keep your competitive edge in the fast-paced hospitality industry.


Combining our 30 + years of experience in this niche we came up with the best solution to help Small to Medium Sized Business owners just like you have a less stressful day not worrying about how to scale their business and not having the right tools to do so.


We come up with tailored plans for your business to scale and be protected at the same time because we understand how important your data can be to run an effective business.


To learn how we can help your business Contact Us TODAY or setup up a FREE 30 min Consultation

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